Benchmark Name: Servicemen's Readjustment Act or GI Bill

Basic Summary of Benchmark: This bill was originally passed by Congress June 22, 1944; signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was designed for the returning soldiers of WWII. The bill had a dual purpose; it acted as a means to pay for college, and it enabled veterans to receive extra funding if they were out of work or needed a loan.

Key Manifestations: "2,300,000 attended colleges and universities, 3,500,000 received school training, and 3,400,000 received on-the-job training" (Statistics from Daniel Schugurensky of the OISE/UT)

Key Personnel: FDR, Warren Atherton, and The American Legion were the main conspirators for this group.

Why/How a benchmark? It allowed over 8 million men and women to take advantage of higher education which in turn kept America out of another depression, and boosted the economy.The GI Bill has morphed into the current Montgomery GI Bill which is still allowing soldiers to become educated to this day.