Benchmark Name: Head Start

Basic Summary of Benchmark: Head start is a program that assists low-income families by providing services essential to the child's life. Some such services are comprehensive education, health and nutrition. There are four main programs within Head Start. There is Early Head Start, which deals mainly with pregnant mothers and newborns. It works to strengthen their development. Head start is a service for preschoolers, working to get them to an equal playing field with their middle and upper income counter parts. Also there is a program for migrant and seasonal workers and for Native Americans as well, providing similar assistance as described in Head start and Early Head start.

Key Manifestations: Head Start was created in 1965 under president Johnson's Great society program and falls under the Economic Opportunity act of 1964.

Why/How a Benchmark: It is the longest running program that's aim was eliminating poverty in the United states. It has helped over 22 million preschoolers in its history with health, nutritional, educational, and social services in hopes of ending poverty in the United states. Congress performed a study as to the advantage of head start in 2005 and found it to be advantageous but the earlier a child is involved the better they perform.