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Benchmark Name: No Child Left Behind Act

Basic Summary of Benchmark: No Child Left Behind was designed to improve performance in American Schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade and be sure that no child would be stuck in a school in which they were failing. No Child Left Behind states that by the end of third grade all children should know how to read. It also emphasizes smaller class sizes and higher-quality teachers. Students in failing or violent situations in schools must be provided with the means to go an improved or less violent school.

Key Manifestations: Within the first few years after No Child Left Behind was passed elementary school math and reading levels were at an all time-high. Also, acheivment gaps between students from different classes has decreased since the passing of No Child Left Behind.

Key Personnel: George W. Bush

Why/How a benchmark? The No Child Left Behind Act is a benchmark in education because it serves to provide all students with an equal opportunity at a good education, and attempts to equalize the education received in all areas and by all social and economic classes.